EUNIC is well placed to play a leading role in driving and expanding the importance of culture in the SDG agenda and in strengthening cultural cooperation as a dimension of sustainable development. With the aim to support and drive further this commitment, shared by an increasing number of EUNIC members, this year's Cluster Fund Call will give special attention to project proposals that show an integrated approach to culture and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals through their activities. With this, EUNIC aims to increase action in this field and to raise awareness of the untapped potential and role of culture in addressing the SDGs.

Conditions d'éligibilité

All EUNIC clusters are invited to apply with a cultural relations project until Tuesday 9 November. Clusters can apply for up to 15,000 euros, which can constitute a maximum of 50% of the total project budget. Submitted proposals need to involve a minimum of three EUNIC Full Members, furthermore a close collaboration with the EU Delegation or European Commission Representation is strongly encouraged. Clusters are also encouraged to involve a minimum of three key local cultural partner organisations. Partners can be civil society organisations as well as public bodies. The project needs to be aligned with the local cluster strategy. In line with EUNIC's organisational commitment to the topic of fair collaboration in cultural relations, partnerships at eye-level should be at the core of the design and implementation of all submitted projects, including active participation and governance of all partners to ensure ownership by all.

Comment faire pour postuler

The following documents need to be submitted:
Application form completed in English (template available online)
Estimated budget (in EUR) completed in English (template available online)
Draft cluster strategy (only if not already previously submitted to the EUNIC office)
All necessary documents can be found in the Cluster Fund application package online.


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